Spring has sprung! It’s time to get your commercial lawn in order. Commercial properties have a higher standard to achieve; with their well-manicured landscape and welcoming curb appeal. 

It doesn’t give a good initial impression if your grass has bare spots, weeds, or appears to be an unkempt lawn. Instead, it may leave visitors and passers-by to think less of your organization. 

A well-cared-for landscape reflects your company’s commitment to details. Your property appearance conveys a message of how you do business with clients. It inspires confidence and cultivates trust because of a professional appearance.

But it all starts with your grass.

Choose The Right Grass

For the Dallas Metroplex area, warm-season grass types grow best in our region. Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysia grass types work best in our area.

Bermuda grass

Bermuda grass grows with seeds or sod with its very apparent above-ground roots. It thrives in direct sunlight, can out-grow weeds, and is drought and insect/pest tolerant. Bermuda grass is pretty uncomplicated to care for, particularly if given the proper nutrients, mowing, aerating, watering, and fertilizing several times throughout the year for a lush, attractive lawn. Bermuda mixes well with St. Augustine grass if you need to fill patches. 

St. Augustine grass

St. Augustine is another grass that works well in Texas. It’s almost as durable as Bermuda grass, but the difference is it will thrive in shaded areas. St. Augustine grass is also called buffalo turf. It is prevalent because of its tolerance to heat, sunlight, and humidity. St Augustine does well in mildly filtered sunlight, but shade must not surpass roughly 30% for optimum development. A better choice would be Zoysia grass. 

Zoysia grass

Zoysia grass is well known for standing up against heat, drought, and active foot traffic. This durable grass will deliver beautiful, lush grounds with minimum care. The best part of Zoysia is its tolerance to the cold and some shade, its low maintenance and water requirements, and notwithstanding its preference for sunlight. 

Timely mowing of commercial grass is a necessary form of land maintenance. Mowing is essential whether the property has St. Augustine, Zoysia, or Bermuda grass. Grass growth is rapid during spring and summer. Unprofessional landscapers can fall short with lawn management. Follow these guidelines to ensure best practices.

Avoid these Common Lawn Care Mistakes.

Leave new grass alone

Newly sown grass needs to be left alone to establish a foundation before cutting. Mowing should occur when the fresh grass is one inch taller than the rest of the grass.

Slow Down – Don’t Cut Fast

Don’t mow your commercial property too fast. Mowing too fast causes an inconsistent cut due to missed grass. Unprofessional mowers make this common mistake. 

Wet Grass

Please don’t allow anyone to mow your property when it’s wet. If it has recently rained or if you see heavy morning dew on the grass, wait until it is completely dried before mowing. 

Mowing Techniques

Don’t mow in the same direction twice because the same routine repeatedly will impact how the grass will grow and could cause bald patches. 

The Right Height 

There are wrong and correct methods for mowing commercial turf. Mowing grass best practices are often confused by the layperson or unprofessional landscapers. The incorrect way to mow grass is not cutting the grass too short. 

What do you do with the clippings?

Clippings can be left on the property as used as mulch. Mulch provides several advantages with much-needed nutrients to the grass. If you decide not to keep the clippings on the grass, try to create a compost somewhere else.

Dull Mower Blade

Another common mistake is unprofessional landscapers mowing grass with a dull mower blade. An unsharpened blade will not cut the grass cleanly and lack the professional polish you should demand. 

We hope this information helps you understand the type of service you should receive when hiring a professional landscaper. If your landscaper is not performing these tasks, it is time to switch to a full-service professional commercial landscaper like 

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