Fertilizing is crucial for your commercial property’s health and longevity. A regularly scheduled lawn management program will protect your commercial turf and ensure its health and beauty.

Your grass requires three vital nutrients to flourish; phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. These all will assist in boosting growth and enhancing the color while bolstering healthy root development.

There are various kinds of fertilizers that contain different amounts of phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. Which one to choose is based on your property’s needs. A professional landscaper will recommend the best product for your property, depending on its size, area, and lawn type.

Types of Fertilizers

Fertilizers are divided into four primary categories based on their composition: synthetic, organic, liquid, and granular, each type has distinctive properties and benefits. 

  • Granular – time-release control feeding of the lawn
  • Organic – natural nutrients decompose into the soil
  • Liquid – quick acting due to previously broken down 
  • Synthetic – least expensive and quickly absorbed 

Fertilization Benefits

Your grass may appear healthy, but the soil could be compacted. If that happens, it will prevent water, oxygen, and nutrients from reaching the critical root area. 

Fertilizing your property offers an excellent opportunity to elevate the general health and needs of your landscape and its soil. Not only does fertilizer provide essential nutrients it will also aid in your landscape’s overall health by:

  • Eliminate or diminish undesirable pests and weed development
  • Control overall growth 
  • Target specific areas of lawn
  • Pest control 
  • Targets fungi without harming other areas
  • Nitrogen enriched revitalizes lawn’s color

Fertilizing Your Lawn

Fertilizing your landscaping is more than just applying to anything green on your property. The proper application will depend on different factors, such as:

  • soil needs
  • timing
  • type of grass
  • age of your landscape
  • time of year
  • overall health of the lawn

Fertilization Frequency

To ensure your lawn remains attractive and in excellent health, fertilization must be a seasonal routine. The frequency will largely depend on the type of grass, and every property is different. Typically, Autumn presents the optimal period for fertilizing your lawn when the roots store nutrients for the colder winter weather. 

Using specific fertilizers for individual conditions or unique situations requires a level of expertise and certification that not all landscaping companies can offer. Ensure your commercial landscape’s health and maintenance to an expert like Jba Land Management. We will help determine the proper fertilization schedule for your commercial landscape to thrive and enhance its health all year round.

We hope these tips will help your commercial landscape remain healthy and flourish. If your landscaper is not effectively fertilizing your property, it is time to switch to a professional commercial landscaper.

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