When you drive by a thriving and beautiful commercial landscape, you are probably not thinking of the environmental benefits that the landscape provides. 

A healthy lawn can:

  • Prevent erosion by wind and water
  • Improve flood control
  • Breakdown organic chemicals and improve microbial activity
  • Reduce noise
  • Furnish wildlife habitat
  • Create a cooling effect during warm weather
  • Add visual attraction
  • Shield frozen ground over winter
  • Slow down runoff water
  • Soil structure improvement 
  • Water infiltration improvement


Turf grounds are an essential component of the environment.  NALP- National Assoc of Landscape Pros has reported that a 2,500 square-foot landscape can produce enough oxygen for four people.  

Studies have shown the benefits of turfgrass to our environment as a whole. Commercial landscapes play a vital role in air quality, combating air pollution, protecting land from erosion, controlling climate temperatures, and reducing noise pollution.

Reducing Pollution 

A dense, healthy lawn will entrap and remove dirt and dust from the air, which acts as a natural purifier that filters and improves the air quality by grabbing particulates and other extremely minuscule pollutants to aid in make the air cleaner.

Produce Oxygen

Trees tend to receive most of the credit for producing oxygen, but lawns are also important and effective in this process. Turf produces oxygen through a natural photosynthesis process the same way as trees. 

Erosion Prevention

A healthy landscape is the most economical way to prevent water and wind erosion. It will prevent significant runoff by absorbing rainwater, making it less likely to experience flash floods or standing water after a hard rain.  

This is a critical issue because soil erosion is not an aesthetic-only issue. Exposed dirt on a hillside will indicate the soil is weak and, if not corrected, will lead to mudslides after persistent rainfall and damage to your commercial property. 

Cooling Property

Did you know Turfgrass cools the air? Besides improving air quality, the landscape will feel cooler by 31 degrees on hardscape and 20 degrees cooler than on dirt.

Reducing Noise Pollution

Landscape reduces noise levels by deflecting and absorbing sound and reducing glare and light reflection, creating a safer environment for pedestrian visitors.

With these benefits in mind, commercial landscape designers and landscape management companies will find new ways to bring nature back to the city. 

In closing, attractive landscapes positively affect people, but their value goes beyond aesthetics. Healthy turfgrass adds to the well-being of the neighborhood, city, and overall environment.

    We hope you understand why keeping a healthy commercial landscape is beneficial to the enviroment.

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