Your landscape sets the tone for your property’s appearance. Your business exterior must have a welcoming aesthetic for your visitors.

Business owners and commercial property managers want their clients to have a positive first impression when visiting their properties.

A good appearance helps to attract and retain business in your community.  Professional commercial landscaping maintenance is the best way to keep your curb appeal.

What do they do?

Curb Appeal

You should know your commercial landscape requires year-round attention to ensure its health and prevent overgrowth and weeds. But professional land management companies do so much more than cut grass. 

They get to know your property and anticipate the needs to manage its overall health and wellbeing, including:  Garden maintenance, seasonal colors, planting, and seeding, weed control, mulch, fertilization, irrigation system repair, mowing service including large acreage tractor mowing, drought-tolerant landscaping, tree pruning, shrub, and groundcover maintenance.

Did you know that your monthly upkeep for your property can assist with the safety of your visitors and employees?

Improve Safety with a well-cared-for landscape plays

Improve Safety

A well-cared-for landscape plays a vital role in public opinion. Not only is an untidy commercial landscape unattractive, but it also invites unwanted safety risks.

Unkempt trees can quickly grow out of control from the roots busting through hardscape or grassy areas where people walk, or overgrown branches may cause damage to your property or to your visitors. You must keep up with the growth of your trees to maintain a safe walking environment.

Poor care can damage your landscape, but commercial land management maintenance can ensure the long-term success of your property. To maintain the beauty of your commercial landscape, you need a professional who understands your property’s nuances and can diagnose any issues. 

The biggest advantage of hiring an experienced land management company is the peace of mind you have from working with an expert. A genuine professional company like JBa Land Management, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality service to our customers. Having your property thrive and flourish is our sole purpose. 

We hope you have a better understanding of the importance of hiring a professional land management company to care for your commercial property needs. If your landscaper is not performing these tasks, it is time to switch to professional commercial land management.

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