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At JBa, the hallmark of our commitment to service is how we blend creativity, precision, and sustainability to redefine your outdoor spaces. Our comprehensive range of services is crafted not only to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your landscape but also to champion eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

At JBa, we believe in nurturing landscapes with a green conscience. From meticulous maintenance to sustainable lighting solutions, every service reflects our commitment to preserving the beauty of nature. Explore how we seamlessly integrate sustainability into every aspect of our work, ensuring a harmonious balance between your outdoor environment and the planet.


Initial Consultation

The process begins with an initial consultation between a JBa account manager and the client.


Site Analysis

A thorough analysis of the site is conducted to assess factors like soil quality, drainage, sunlight, and existing vegetation.


Design and Planning

Based on the client's requirements and the site analysis, a landscape design is created.



A detailed budget is prepared that outlines the costs associated with the project.

Landscape Maintenance

Year-round care for optimal growth

Landscape Design & Installation

Crafting landscapes that captivate

Irrigation & Sprinkler Repair

Efficient water management solutions

Water Management

Sustainable practices for a green tomorrow

Landscape Lighting

Lighting the way from dusk till dawn

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